We always need new producers.  

The better the range of products we offer, the more attractive the market will be to customers.  

If you are growing vegetables in an allotment you may be worried about restrictions on selling produce.  Check with the allotment manager and emphasise that Country Markets itself is a non-profit organisation.  You may find that there is no objection so long as you are participating in a community organisation rather than something which is truly commercial.

Are you a mum looking for work to fit in with school hours?

Have you recently taken early retirement?

Are you looking for something to do with your spare time?

Do you propagate  house plants or garden plants?

Do you have a surplus vegetable crops or fruit you don't know what to do with?

If you cannot join the market consider joining the Country Markets Hub.

Are you interested?


Join Country Markets with flowers, plants, fruit and veg.

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